Running for city council

Friday, May 22, 2015

Four years ago I ran for City Council against Adam McFadden. Since this time poverty has increased in Rochester by more than 1 percentage point, we have had numerous major police incidents while our crime rate remains one of the highest in the state, and our neighborhoods are littered with vacant abandoned homes. Meanwhile our city has given more than $600 million to rich people to build buildings which despite the promise of jobs have failed to halt the rise of poverty. Meanwhile my opponent seeks a new job with Rochester Housing Authority and is willing to lie to get this job. Clearly we are on the wrong path. I am Alex White, I am a small business owner, I have created jobs, I have rehabbed houses in the city, and I have advocated for the citizens of Rochester. I feel we elect our leaders to provide prosperity to our city and they have failed. I believe I have the experience to help restore prosperity for all Rochestarians.
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