Transforming Rochester 112

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Paul Figueroa from the Puerto Rican Independence Party joins us to talk about the movement for click here.  Then we discuss ways we need to reform our electoral system.  Ranked Choice Voting rocks!
independence.  How did the US get it's grubby little hands on Puerto Rico?  Didn't they vote for statehood?  For more info on PIP in Rochester,

Transforming Rochester 111

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Corruption: The Buffalo Billion, what is it and who's making out from this scheme?  How does this connect to Rochester?  The names seem to be the same?  Does the Office of Public Integrity do anything at City Hall?  Less and less it seems.

Transforming Rochester 110

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The next City Council meeting is July 24th.  Call 311 before 5pm on that day to Speak to Council

which starts at 6:30pm.  There's more no bid contracts the city is voting on.  More overpriced studies and some good stuff.  We also discuss the need for more City Recreation for our kids.  It's not just for the children, it will help adults as well.

Transforming Rochester 109

Is Democracy under attack?  We take a historical look to examine what is happening now. (Spoiler Alert: YES!)  How and why we pay taxes has not changed for 150 years.  How should we be collecting taxes today and what should it pay for?

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