Monday, April 8, 2019

Alex White for City Council

Many of you have gotten to know me as a candidate for office for the Green Party in Rochester.  Having run for Mayor 3 time I am a familiar face to many.  Yet I have been doing so much more.  After proposing Police Body Cameras in 2013, I worked with United Christian Leadership Ministries (UCLM) to get these issued to RPS officers. Then I continued to work as a member of the Coalition for Police Reform to have effective policy and provide oversight for this program.  In 2015 I became aware of budget cuts at the Office of Adults & Careers Education Services and worked through UCLM  to help restore funding and save this crucial program which helps high school drop outs get training for a career.  In the mean time I continue to help numerous business with permitting and ticket issues to help keep Rochester working.  I have also seen many of my ideas implemented from expanded plastic recycling to a coop business initiative.

Despite the best efforts of many people Rochester continues to be beset by problems.  Poverty is growing at almost half a percentage point a year. Black residents earn 75% of white residents and have roughly a tenth of the wealth of white residents. Yet, our council continues to support the mayor giving millions in loans to rich developers to build housing which is unaffordable to most city residents.  Our schools are the worst in the state and our council feels they should be ablet to fix this with the same tax amount as in 2004.  Our roads are riddled with pot holes and we continue to cut funds for road repair.  Our mayor claims crime is at a 39 year low yet  in some sections of the city our streets are so scary residents do not go out at night and a black teenage is more likely to be die of a gun shot than any other cause of death.  All while the longest serving council member, for the South District, is going to jail.

For too long we have put the bar too low on our elected officials.  It is time to expect more and to support the candidate who has been working on the issues that matter in Rochester.  It is time to elect a progressive leader who is not linked to the past of corruption.  It is time for a Green New Deal in Rochester and it is time for Alex White for City Council.  I hope I can count on your support.


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