Jose Peo democratic primary winner for Rochester City Council North West

If you have not spent time listening to my friend AlexWhite, then you are missing out...
This guy is someone I will personally look to for clarification on tax break and budget issues, and he would be a GREAT partner to have on City Council!
While I may not agree with everything he talks about, the man has an immense amount of knowledge about our city's hidden politics, and that is the kind of person you want on your team when trying to make a difference.

Natalie Sheppard School Board Commissioner RCSD

Natalie Sheppard I truly agree with his assessment of you ... I share the same sentiments about your knowledge of things ... I actually refer to you as a walking encyclopedia (respectfully)

Listen to Alex...

...on Transforming Rochester on Rochester Free Radio. You can see when it's on at the Rochester Free Radio show schedule.

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