Environmental Policy

Perhaps the biggest problem facing the planet today is the rapidly changing environment and a preponderance of evidence shows that we humans are responsible.  This challenge should force every elected official to have a program to address and reduce the climate impact of their area.  It is of crucial importance that this is more than a statement of support for green activities or ideas as we need action yesterday not platitudes today.  As such I intend to work for the following changes if elected. 

1 A total ban on the purchase of fossil fuel vehicles. All new vehicle purchases must be electric or hydrogen fuel cell so that in 20 years (the life span of a fire truck) the whole fleet of vehicles in the city will be fossil fuel free.
2 A creation of a municipal Power company.  This is important to transfer all electric to renewable sources and investment in new green sources of energy production without substantially raising the energy costs for poor residents. Perhaps the only way to do this is to understand energy as not a commodity but utility which should be provided by the government.
3 Installation of solar on all suitable public buildings.  This is to include schools for which we will try to include this in the 3rd phase of the building modernization program. 
4 Implement at least one large renewable energy project.  The choices for this area are abundant as the presence of the lake, river and a substantial hill ridge makes many options possible.  We should be exploring Hydro thermal, off shore wind, low flow hydro, and convention hydro. 
5 Expand bike routes.
6 Invest in walkable neighborhoods.  Presently we around $15 million a year on economic development but most of this is funneled into housing for the rich.  The problem is that the high ones wealth the more mobile they are so the less they rely on walkability.  To change this we need to being needed resources into all neighborhoods and encourage the growth of smaller business enterprises which will sustain walkability.
7 Use vacant land in poorer neighborhoods to create coop energy projects for the benefit of the residents in those areas.  This is important as the economic benefits of renewable energy can help build the sort of assets which may help break generational poverty.

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