Ideas Enacted Since Spring 2011

Platform Planks and Forum Ideas Adopted by Local Governments
Since the 2011 Alex White for Mayor Campaign:

  • The City has started an initiative to create coop jobs for Rochester residents.
  • The City has started a program to help residents fix dilapidated roofs.
  • Create five city precincts for police.
  • The City has moved its banking to smaller banks and gotten a business loan fund from this bank.
  • The City has started to use the Land Bank to rebuild vacant homes in Rochester.
  • The City has started a trial program for one stream recycling.
  • The City is installing electric vehicle charging stations in its garages.
  • The police department is moving towards more community policing.
  • The City has settled with the police and fire unions on contracts late 2011. They had been without them for over 2 years. (in platform)
  • City Council has begun asking about the use of local labor in projects. (in platform)
  • Zoning has been changed with a focus on reducing non-conformities. (in platform)
  • Sign regulations for businesses have become more generous. (in platform)
  • The new Mayor’s budget proposal, adopted by City Council, concentrated controlling spending by cutting or delaying capital improvement projects. (in platform)
  • One area of the Mayor’s proposed and accepted budget was sizable cuts in NBD, which reduced the numbers of inspectors. (in platform)
  • The County has begun recycling plastics #’s 5-7 (in platform)
  • LED lights have been installed in streetlights around the downtown library as a test of their feasibility. (in platform)
  • Early retirement has been offered to city workers as a way to reduce costs. (discussed at a community forum)
  • After the election, the City School District began discussing and implemented a program to distribute condoms in high schools. (advocated for at a community forum)
  • The City has begun a pilot program of rehabbing houses for resale in the Susan B. Anthony neighborhood.  (in platform, but we want to make it widespread)
  • The City has expanded bicycle routes around Rochester.  (in platform, though we call for it in a less piecemeal, more expansive way)  
  • The City has announced the creation of seven electric car charging stations to go up in 2013.

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