The Tax Break Problem

Rochester has a problem in that every year our budget is tens of millions of dollars short. So every year our city is faced with the problem of budget cuts.  This affects our city, schools and even the county but the problem is not pensions, spending, or employee salaries.  The problem is caused by the many millions of dollars we give out in tax breaks every year.  Think of any large recent project in the city like Erie Harbor.  This project was built for $49 million yet pays only pays $8,095.61! It seems unbelievable but look it up. There are hundred of building like this.  Charlotte Square pays $2,967.19, Brooks Landing pays $1,431.36, and Tower 280 pays nothing!  Seriously as much as $100 million has been given away to wealthy out of town landlords.  This leads to city budget shortages, higher rents, money leaving our area, and an increase in poverty.  Check out my video on this.

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